Dank I absolutely love the Kai! 041006
Dank But does Kai love me...?

You don't wait for me at my locker anymore.

You don't call me.

When I call you, you bearly talk to me.

You don't look at me in the morning when I come up to you.

You leave me when your friends leave.

You don't make eye contact with me.

You don't try to make me feel better.

What am I supposed to think...? You made me obsessed with you. I tried to push you away, but you, you wanted to be closer, despite your other important lover. You... wanted me to kiss you. I am at some fault.. I should have said "No." I should have kept my emotions for you quiet. I should have let us just stay friends.

I am at equal fault... I am so afraid of you now... I am afraid of denial... Rejection. I can't be myself. The fleeting moments I am myself, you don't take notice. Or do you? Am I just thiking too hard?

I want us to be better, even if not lovers--for now.

Talk to me. And don't answer my greetings with "Hi" when you aren't upset. You know I hate that.

I love you.

Dayui Damei.
Dank And I told you...

And you didn't know.

You were with him, instead.
Dank And I cannot breath. 041126
Dank I am dead 050217
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