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- Iraqi scientists detained despite lack of WMD - at The Independent (UK) (Sep 23, 2004)
23 Sep 2004 The US has detained for far too long Iraqi scientists arrested last year in the belief that they would provide information about "Saddam_Hussein"'s WMD, according to an Iraqi government source.

Even when US investigators concluded that no such weapons existed the scientists were not freed because the Americans feared their release would be seen as a tacit admission that Iraq had no WMD. This may explain why the US embassy in Iraq is determined to detain Dr Rihab Taha, who once worked on biological weapons, while the Iraqi justice ministry says it sees no good reason for her continued detention.
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"I ask Tony Blair personally to consider the amount of bloodshed already suffered" 040921
. "Please meet the demands and release my father two women for two men. ... Only you can save him now. You have children and you will understand how I feel at this time."

Sep 21, 2004
Who are these two women (Iraqi women)?
Eureka!!! The U.S. military says it holds only two female prisoners in Iraq. Rihab Taha and Huda Ammash, dubbed

"Dr Germ" and "Mrs Anthrax"...
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United_States violates the_Rule_of_Law, with Zero_margin_of_error, given

"Dr Germ" and "Mrs Anthrax" - the only two female prisoners in Iraq held by US forces...

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U.S. Weapons Inspector: Iraq Had No WMD

Sep 16, 2004 - 18 minutes ago
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