auburn That is all. 080128
anythingbutcryptic YES 080129
Lemon_Soda Do you require someone else to validate it? 080129
auburn Hadn't thought about that much.

I'm not sure at the moment. Whether it's self-acclaimable...or if I need to be proclaimed 'so fucking special'.

I'll get back to you.
auburn I need to be both self and publicly recognized for being so fucking special.

I've just decided. Neither will do on their own.
unhinged yes, but the day you realize that you are in fact so fucking special is an important one. maybe someone else needed to tell you for you to get it, but one day it finally sinks in. yes, you are.

i want to be the most important thing in someone else's world, i want to be reminded and touched everyday.
anythingbutcryptic oh, maybe youre already special but you just havent realised it yet. 080316
Arwyn but I'm not. 080317
asher creep 080318
delial spent so many days of my life longing to be special to someone. so much so that when someone tells me I'm special, I have no idea how to respond.

how do you respond to someone telling you that you are special in their life? I feel like I've waited my whole life to be asked a question I don't actually know the answer to.
Lemon_Soda Wonder can't be wonderful if it is fulfilled. Happiness isn't happiness when its attained. Answers only lead to more questions. 080318
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