stork daddy i want i desire.
i want to say it.
i just want you to know it.
i don't want to have to try.
but you aren't me.
and this understanding,
though it is the only one
is thought un-nuanced.
so i must use the clumsy gloves
of your memories.
of things we agree on.
i have to talk about
ferris wheels
and stupid fucked up summer nights
with friends we didn't really like
but are primary because we were young
and hated our parents at the time.
and i have to talk about
the rolling stones
just because they make us both
feel like fucking.
but really all it amounts to
is your burning eyes,
which you can't really see anyways,
and my desire.
my desire which those nouns don't equate to.
which i don't have any representation for but this eyelid opener
that keeps me from sleeping,
and which i can tell you about
in the hopes you've felt the same

but really, let's face it,
no matter what picture anyone paints you
all they really wanted to say was
i wish, i desire,
is it enough yet?
Jurisprudence To feel desired.
To feel needed.
To feel valued.
To feel loved.
To feel chosen.
what's it to you?
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