vicious "A heart loves another heart. A heart and soul is an example of knowledge and the mind. Love is then a connection between two minds. It is impossible to love someone who doesn't love you. Without a linking of minds, the channel of communication we feel as love cannot be opened.
Attraction CAN happen in only one individual. Attraction is a form of curiousity that must be fulfilled. Once the level of curiousity no longer exists, the individual must either link minds to begin love or move on. Without attraction or love, there can be nothing else. Love and attraction may or may not be sexual.
Sexuality is neither love (n)or attraction. Sex is an act of release; A release of tension and fluid. Sex can be with one person, or two people, or more. Sex can be with objects, or people, or animals, male or female or both or neither. Sex should not be confused as being love. (althought people that love each other can have sex) Sex can be a result of attraction. Therefore, a creature is attracted to something, a creature can have sex, a creature can love or a creature can leave. I make my opinions about sexuality on human judgement, not animal or creature. Other creatures have other instincts that involve propagation."

Oct 25 1995
the void cross reference: love_is_a_fallacy 000419
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