girl_jane I had a dream the other night that hair had bones. Bones that looked like the bones in fingers held your hair on your head. All the hair was attached to a few of them.

In my dream, I had beautiful deep brown hair that was really long. The tip of one of the bones was broken, and I thought my mom was going to be mad at me for breaking it. So, I had to break it off at the joint half-way up.

I remember doing it in front of the mirror-but I wasn't looking into it.

When I felt the bone snap and I heard it break, I took the bottom piece of bone away and looked in the mirror, holding the bone I'd just broken and all the hair that had come with it.

Looking at my reflection, I had a chunk of hair in the front that was only chin length, and the rest of it was well past my shoulders. I

thought to myself, I had to break the rest of my bones at the same joint so my hair would be even.

Then I woke up.
squint wow
thats a crazy dream.

(the end.)
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