sayarayazina (srealisma is expired) Well, if words don't have meaning, or a person doesn't use any meaning with specific intention, aren't they demonstrating a tendency to be dishonest?

And if you just need to curse, why would you also claim innocence? If i ever do that- curse and claim innocence at the same time - with sincerity - stop me. It's beyond annoying. Of course, what that might be implying something about my sexuality or lack thereof besides to keep it out of normal discourse? Watch the explosion in defense of being innocently crass. Well two pillars, of sorts= be honest. be nice.

All of TV i find more than a little bit boring. Not that you should care what i think. But if i said TV is all boring that would not be trying to claim a blanket truth and that's, uh yeah, that's not very nice.
Sayarayazina That would be not would not be - yep. Sorry. 131029
Sayarayazina If i were a mother, i'd be kind of strict. But warm. Joyful. And strict. 131029
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