misstree i know that, in the end, you will hurt me. it could be slow and blunt and helpless; we could be simply separated by our own undeniable paths. or you could find me too deep inside you and eject me by force, and i know you could throw me hard... but in that case, the animal could at least shield the poet. i could just be shown to be not_the_one once more, and carry your vigil heavy in my heart with all the rest, wish you luck in your quest for your Other. i just hope it's not the slow resenment of a dozen shortcomings and a hundred almosts, the gentle crush that tastes of glaciers and smells of wilting flowers.

but know this. fucking Know this, deep as you can. i will never willingly add to your pains. my throat is in your teeth because i trust you, because i have opened myself to you and you have come inside. let me consume each incoming wound. i have infinite capacity for bearing heartpain and headpain, as long as i can make moan with writhing words. it is my duty. let me show you a few moments of peace. i cherish you, and i appreciate you. but i need you to trust me as best you can--this deep inside me, if you start thrashing, i'll be torn apart.
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