silentbob doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
the worst is over
silentbob I lost the will to fight 030914
That girl who likes your band is a great band, blends their songs together, and helps me through the long silences when he pauses. 031118
Live like youre dying tommorow My favorite album is domestica.. but the ugly organ is pretty great as well. My friend saw them live and he said they were drunk so boo for that. 031210
Phil The way they say to write a lower-case 'b' and 'p' look too much like the lower-case 'f'.

I prefer to write it like a regular b or p, but with connectors.

I don't write in cursive often. I didn't like learning it in school.
They said it would speed up my writing. I think it is bullshit and hard to read.
The lower-case z is fucking cool though. The r is strange.

The way I normally write is not cursive but I will sometimes connect vowels to things, to speed it along. I don't have the Capital Cursive Letters memorized.

It is good to use when putting a special message or in a "gift" card, pirate maps, etcetera.

I always need to practice a few times before I can write in cursive.

By the way, I write things like this just to be funny, it's all true, but feel free to laugh about it. I always laugh at people when they are honest.

Not perfect.
hsg gregg_shorthand 090222
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