your lover elvis presley was a twinless twin

there's some footage of one of his final concerts, about a month before his death, when he was firmly in bloated elvis territory

after he walks onstage, someone hands him an acoustic guitar and he reveals the extent of his skills: "i know...three chords...i faked 'em all"

he starts singing "are you lonesome tonight"

he makes it to the spoken section, but then starts flubbing his words

"...standing there, without any hair"

he eventually gives up on coherent speech and babbles a string of unintelligible syllables, laughing, managing to finish the song once he starts singing again

the song ends, he is soaked in sweat, and the guitar disappears

i'm not a fan of elvis, but this is the one instance in which i find him intriguing, because he is real

he is a sad, distended man, far past his prime, still giving all he has and reaching for notes that no sane man in his position would even consider

and undeniably high out of his fucking mind
no reason champangel? 030610
your lover someone misspelled "champagne" in one of the elvis-related pages, so i thought it was a fitting title. "champangel" is interesting, though. merlotus. 030610
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