EECP Godlike, Holy, Supernatural, divine, paradisical, utopian, transcendent,superhuman. It is all of us if we let ourselves become what I am becoming. We are godlike beings contained in a shell of restriction and disbelief. Let yourself out and become what you are. 000126
EECP Will you reach this level of glory? Do you know what it takes? Do you believe that this life is all that your spirit will experience? If so, then why do you continue to live? Why do you continue to hurt? Why don't you end it all? Are you sure you believe this is it? What level of happieness does the earth offer that is worth the pain of life? You tell me. 001221
pat sajak BULLETPROOF?

you are!
if you believe you are!
Kleh Ver ~

Jolie is Beauty
Jolie is the softest love
Jolie would love me
If I, like she, were soft
Yes, soft and fair as a dove

Mahayana winter holds the buried seeds deep in the lap of mother earth, spring sets the captives free, summer ripens the harvests, autumn displays her riches 030120
shinequwa Michele's nickname for me is Celestial... whenever uses it, i call her Michelial 040116
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