andru235 " ``Watch your step here,`` I warned them. I'm always ready to be helpful with the less important things."

--not "c.m."
张怡宁 2005年获11个大赛冠军 051216
?x Big_Bang... 051216
sab standin' on
sacred ground...
misstree i still remember watching the shovel swing.
i remember the plates shattering
and i remember the porch railing coming loose
and i remember the stiletto driven into the wall

and all these were horrible

and i wish i could lift my eyes
because it was never you, but
i remember claw marks on your neck
and what looked like a bullet wound on your back
and i scare myself
and shudder away.
Staind_And_Souless I'm sitting here crying here I'm alone and dying here waiting for bad news. Like walking on broken glass, no answers to what was asked, I'm all alone. Don't you know, don't you KNOW, that I'd give my life for you, time can be, time can be nothing but our enemy.

How can I marry a woman who breaks my heart?

How can I surive this love?

I can't even Xanga this feeling.

I don't think I can go through with this.
what's it to you?
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