DannyH You meet an unusually attractive young man coming the other way. You recognise him instantly. It is DannyH and my god is he looking fine.
“Can you tell me the way to the centreYou ask.
“Now you know I can’t show favouritism.” He says, “but I can tell you that the maze is laid out on a six by six grid and that each blather represents a square on that grid.”
“Thanks a fucking lotYou snap back, “who the fuck do you think you are anyway, filling up the blatherspace with this crap
DannyH looks slightly wounded by your remark and shuffles away mumbling to himself about always having to make the tea.

You can go
East to: bmz611
South to: bmz579
Back to the start: blathermaze_entrance
. . 020113
Toxic_Kisses Oh *Hugz* (Cuz it looks like you need one) this isn’t any waist of crap it's rather entertaining, now would you mind putting on the tea so it'll be ready by time I find the center? 020114
User24 ok, so it's a 6x6 grid... but where's the start??? 020306
User24 In fact, where's the center???

-there's four squares in the center
User24 < < is making a map! 020306
endless desire im trying. im determined to succeed. 031106
pychotic damn maze. I am gonna kill someone in here! 060927
psychotic forgive me for spelling my name wrong. I'm crazy. 060927
when darkness falls hmm... go east? wonder what lies behind that door... 061026
what's it to you?
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