Raina when my biological daddy taught me to play poker, the kitty was always jellybeans, and my hands were so sweet I had cavites.

when my other daddy and I play strip poker, my face is iced grill, but my body becomes flushed.

I love it when he calls my bluff.
miniver Well, I can't really say I'm in a "good mood". The point was, I'm not really in any more manic a mood than usual. I think about the things I write, but I don't always believe them or even notice or care much what is being written. It's not's more like...sleepwriting. Hum. Or autowriting...

Isn't that interesting? I don't think I've ever come to that conclusion before.
the repeater ...
the weight of the universe
is sufficient to bend time/space
back in on itself thereby
keeping all light and information
within the great circle of creation
we are inside a great Black Hole 001018
Sonya You can reassure yourself, but you can't ignore the possibility that you may never be able to pull it off or deal with anything remotely difficult. Maybe you need to realize that it's not others you're giving your bluff to, but you yourself. 011117
Death of a Rose assimilated cliffs 031016
nighean_siofra i can't believe you believed me

i don't know whether that is a good thing

or a terrible
what's it to you?
who go