rubydee a fat black and white dog
lives on the farm above us
he really doesn't like to share his food
he takes strays that find their way
into our little valley
up and over the mountain

what is the meaning of bingo's existence? root out the competitors and loose them in the forest. stay fat and satiated with love.

not bad
whome B-I-N-G-O!

Not bad at all.

My girlscout troupe used to go play bingo with the old folks in the nursing home. It was scary.
nom i'm afraid of winning
maybe i don't have room for a big stuffed bunny
miss p lots of old ladies in a haze of cigarette smoke, eyeing you suspiciously from their favourite or lucky tables, dabbers poised, tension high, waiting for the camp lad in the loud waistcoat to call out the numbers... you can buy drinks and snacks but can't eat or drink in case you miss ANYTHING! I won a box of cheap chocolates, they were stale by the way...... feel like i wasted an entire afternoon with some very desperate and depressed people, once was enough, i will never go again 031128
what's it to you?
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