Toxic_Kisses (B)e (B)ack (L)ater 020101
ClairE bubble without vowels. 020101
ClairE And missing a "b", of course. Vowels would drown it and a bee would pop it.

[-Nice save, Claire.
-Why, thank you.
-No problem. *tips hat*]
TK =p
so there!
Toxic_Kisses Ha!

After reading this now I realize that I apparently thought ClairE was saying something about my spelling, when in fact she was actually being clever, like ninety-degree angles ^.^

Yea keep needing to constantly remind myself the world does ~not~ in fact revolve around me (shocking concept no?)

Any who came back to this particular blath today simply to say that I'm going to be on a Blather hiatus for a bit as I'm working on a new project (don't bother asking) and as such I won't really be around while in the mist of this.

But as you all know I will eventually Be Back Later

So see yall then ^.^
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