angelea What I say when I have had enough. 000505
For sure! What I say out of the blue when I want people to stop and give me funny looks. 001212
Toxic_Kisses Of corce now that I'm here I would have a brain freeze!! Ever since I've been gone I've been thinking about what I'd write about once I got back to blather and yet now that I'm here its like absolute and complete nothing!!! ARG!! Whatís wrong w/ me!!! 021111
Kleh Ver ~

audible random gesticulation

argmaster when you know what you have to do workwise and and you want to do it quick to get onto the rest which is really quite interesting but you get bogged down in detail and lost and who liked programming anyway? 021211
willis If you are one of those who occasionally feels the urge to let loose the pirate within, then i think you will find satisfaction in a simple arg. 040505
gnome arg was invented by programmers. It is what you say just after midnight when you have 2 huge and very complicated Java projects in for the morning and all you are doing is writing useless definitions on blather. 040505
... THAT MAKES ME WANT TO BE A PIRATE! except the cool kind as in Jack Sparrow..yes... 050307
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