fyn gula cayris foxglove, the leader of the "insufferable hunger of the damned" crossed his black leather clad arms. the patience he had for couge oktuber was rare, someone somewhere must have been praying, for cayris was the type of hostile juggernaut that his followers exacted blind devotion upon. if he told them to torch the farmhouse and outbuildings, they would without blinking or thinking.

the "insufferable hunger of the damned" was an
anti -government/pro-security militia formed in the overthrow of boffden the beardless gnome back in the days when proina's coup dissolved his reign of peace. fueled by the goal of reclaiming the throne from proina, cayris foxglove and his ever-growing mob determined to establish a new order, not ruled by boffden and frau werzenwozen as was longed for by the kemulyan masses, but a monarchy led by a simple-minded surfer/skater/snowboarder, dennis browne.

as we know, this radical inference undermines all of the wishes of the kemulyan people who desire dennis browne, not in the capacity of a world leader, but to become the one who will leave the world and unite it with its parallel existence.

and this is the knowledge couge oktuber possessed when he realized who it was that was standing before him. therefore the request posed concerning the delivery of the mandrill was one that held the responsibility of an entire world and its future as we know it now.

the flesh of puppertwinkle that lay in a patagonia shoulderbag safely stored away in the flower-cooler of thora and twinkletoes's garden shoppe back in montamore was the link between the three rival factions.

why did proina order the mandrill to remove it?
what was she going to do with it?

what would happen to the cause of "the revolution that will not be televised" if puppertwinkle continued his search for baeroun, boffden's ambassador as a skeleton without a soul?

how did cayris foxglove and "the insufferable hunger of the damned" know the mandrill was at couge's farm and why did they want the mandrill? was it just because they were seeking puppertwinkle's flesh? or was it something more?
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