i dont get it so....
what's up with people dressing up like zombies when it's NOT halloween?
misstree in my town, there's been a number of zombie raids on events. one that i know of was requested during an art walk kind of deal... i know of another in the future in protest of something or other.

no matter what the reason, the question is, why does there need to be a reason? the sheer pleasure of it making sense when you mumble "braaaaaains," lurch at people, and try to bite them, makes it worth the fake blood and torn clothing.

plus, it's really hard for zombies to meet people these days, you know? hard to type when your fingers are rotting off, so flash mob social gathering is the key to a new society of undead.
jane i would rather be a vampire than a zombie. still get to use blooooood though! 070603
Lemon_Soda not if you knew what a real vampire looks like 070604
jane maybe i do. maybe i do. 070605
Lemon_Soda Fair enough

And now that I think about it, I'm inclinded to agree. Zombies move too slowely. I don't want a nerd to beable to swing a shovel and be able to hit my head off like a t-ball.

Plus, if I was gonna consume someone, I would want to be alive to really enjoy it.
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