unhinged 'first amendment violations acutely affect a community's trust in the legitimacy of law enforcement operations. BPD's sensitivity to criticism and recording of their activity is ultimately both a symptom and a cause of mutual mistrust with the community. there is emerging evidence that video recording can be a valuable tool to reduce use of force incidents and complaints, and protect the rights of both community members and officers. to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and accountability officers will need to demonstrate the ability to work within the confines of the first amendment.


in sum BPD takes law enforcement action in retaliation for individuals' engaging in protected speech or activity in violation of the first amendment'

- from the department of justice report on the baltimore police department

since then a hilarious and infuriating video of a cop planting evidence when he thought his body camera was turned off (even though it wasn't) has surfaced. while we push for body cameras, time and time again we find out that cameras have been turned off in cases of uses of force, especially police shootings. looks like the cop in baltimore that got caught planting evidence with his own body camera was too stupid to realize what position is off for the power switch. should someone that stupid be allowed to carry a gun on the job?
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