typhoid think about the good things,
that i did to you.
and think about the bad things,
that i didn't do.
marjorie nothing quite like it is there.
disturbing the breaking of one is dangerous
and leaving the sight of cream-coloured scars is just acquiescence.
blood is crying louder and louder
and water is not quite as thick
as i used to think
Sundari Raine When I was in eigth grade, they thought I had appendicitis. I went to the emergency room and there are two moments I remember with extreme clarity. The first: The nurse, a black guy, said they had to stick a needle into my arm to draw blood for tests and to connect the IV. Trying to lighten it up, he said the vein on my arm was perfect for stabbing, and that I had nice muscles. The second thing I remember from that night is laying on my back on a bed with wheels in the hallway, because there wasn't an open room for me. I stared fiercely to the right to avoid seeing the needle in my arm. 040430
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