eagle your anus? 980831
Blue Whale Q: What does toilet paper have in common with the Star Trek series?
A: Both involve circling Ur-anus, trying to wipe out Kling-onz!
unhinged uranus the magician

do dodo dodo dodo do dodedo

do do do do bahbah bahbah
caite keep the earth clean its not uranus
ha ha.
IKC 56-80 alien_sex_fiend

"drive my rocket
(up uranus)"

puerile sophmoric and obnoxious, how could i not love it?
tourist Strange world
Rotation steeply inclined in relation to the orbital plane.
I suspect it was the victim of a massive Impact Event
Long Long Ago
Its Current Condition A sign of the old Injury...Sort of a Cosmic Limp.

Miranda has Her share of Scars too,
It's rough out there on the periphery.
god oberon, miranda and titania 020812
cresentwhench Ever notice how putting any word in front of.."..Uranus." sounds so fucking funny?

Rocket to be launched from Uranus.

Monkey found on Uranus.

Godzilla licked Uranus.

.....and the ever popular...

Gaseous clouds around Uranus.
Makes you wonder...don't it??
haha and of course there are always those Klingons circling about, too. 021112
lost mind of cresentwhench Awww damn it, how could I forget about them?!?!?! Hmm, must be losing it. 021112
andru235 are actinides the only ones who take the seventh planet seriously?

i, for one, think it is a pretty awesome planet
andru235 bring me home, big daddy #1 ! 051109
Dark Green Ecce! 070514
I guess we will never know why Uranus is "Big Daddy #1" 070514
certainly one of the strangest propositions I've heard 070514
Stronom R. Its faint ring systems seem to be mocking Saturn. 080112
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