god who could be cooler? i would gladly eat her poo. 020410
silentbob id eat some of it and save more to smear on my face 020411
unhinged freud would have a field day with you two

i see it's one of those beautiful spring days that pulls everyone away from blather. whenever i sit outside on days like today i have the incredible urge to smoke so i am confining myself to the in of doors.
silentbob i was wondering why there was no traffic 020411
Dafremen For those of you who don't know it, unhinged IS the best, but I'm afraid that neither GOD NOR silentbob have any clue as to WHY unhinged_is_the_best. For that information, you're going to have to consult a HIGHER source.


P.S. Hey there do0d! : )
P.P.S I'm moving my poetry to blather red...I don't see enough of S'Bob anymore.
god i got no clue, eh? 020413
god upon further contemplation, the "no clue" label is applicable.
i don't know why unhinged is the best, or what compels me to eat her poo (smear it on your face, bob?).
i just know it's true.
Achilleus Thanks. You're like the dealer giving me that first hit for free... in a good way. 070428
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