andrea vast operations of human kindness
leave me exhausted & drowning
in the heavy music of their pity
surprisingly enough, they feel sorry for
me--the one "helping" them
the one compelled to sort out
my own emotional knots through
unraveling their lives into a
perfect expanse of green yarn
conversations with people just met
lead me to discover more bruises
spots of tenderness i was unaware
even existed in me-the hard one
with the walls i pretend are impenetrable
& the smile that only falls off my face
when i am alone to squash it
under my callused bare feet
i am no one's glass menagerie
for if they look close enough
they will be able to see
the gleaming shards of glass
that shine in my eyes
like so many permanent tears
rocks thrown long ago created
an imbalance, disrupted my equilibrium
and don't allow me to regain my balance
no matter how hard i try

copyright 2000
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