Tess Tidal Wave

The diesel is so nice I just need something
The barometer's falling down, I feel so sultry
Something is simmering and boiling inside me
If I ignore it and squeeze out laughter
I charge up with a typhoon, hurricanes and storms

I just need the diesel
I just find the smell
I just sniff it and I can feel the harbour just close by
I just try to sniff the diesel but I can't

A tide with an undertow, the sea is swelling
Impatience makes me foam
A wave inside me forces out big words
They splash and sprinkle
An angry torrent breaking loose, a flush or rushing joy

The diesel,
It just makes me feel
It just fills my veins so quickly
I don't know why it just does
I'm down by the harbour
A cigarette would be ideal
Then I remember that the diesel...

And I can't help it, I'm exploding again
I'm calling weather station NOMAD
And satellite NIMBUS
It's a blizzard inside me, a bomb ticking
This is the tidal wave
Here comes the tidal wave.

sugarcubes, HTTNW
Ptolemy DCLVIII Raised as if by the trident of Neptune,
titanic waves
sunder themselves against a craggy shore
unto no known end
over and again without relent...
from where do they come,
the endless waters,
raised by the trident of Neptune,
these titanic waves
sundering themselves forever
against the boulders
the boulders in this cold harbor
what's it to you?
who go