The Truth Listed on Blather are a lot of my theories about various universal constructs and mysterious concepts.
Strange Unknowns and even stranger Truths.
Except my Thesis Theory... my Spiral Theory...
I have tried to write it... But it has not been allowed...

One time, my computer shut off just before I pressed "blather". Another time the site issued errors and crashed.
I've tried to write it in word processing programs, but they freeze up, and I end up having to reboot.

It still stays in my mind.
I guess it is not meant to be for this time. The world is not ready for it yet.

nanny my own thoughts of the way things should be. See Forbidden_fruits 010910
Weapon X I'm one to always ask myslef "Who am I to say how things *should* be?" I know how things feel to me and for me, but who's to say that is what *should* be for the rest of the universe. I too have many theories, but they're wholly self-applying in nature, thusly, not a rhetoric I offer to others, more like a rhetoric I give to others who ask my thoughts. 010910
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