jennifer (She is kissing) The Roses

"She is the one I am in love with,"
I tell my best friend
But she is not listening
"She is the girl who can make me feel like me,"
"Her eyes are my universe, their shine my life."
"She likes to kiss, with her eyes closed.'
I tell my best friend,
But my best friend is not listening.

I hope that she listens to me,
That she understands me,
That she is the one,
I have been talking about.
But she is not listening,
She is kissing
Kissing the roses
With her eyes closed
Like she likes it
Just two feet away from me
She is kissing the roses
The roses on her grave.

~Ashutosh Narhari
grendel i ordered them yesterday to surprise Katrina.

they will be here tomorrow
alyssarosedaxle blood roses blood roses
back on the street now
grendel arrived as planned yesterday

the uncomfortable silence that followed them was not unexpected

but that doesn't make it any less uncomfortable
startfires deer in the headlights shot down and glorified
when push comes to pull comes to shove comes to step around this
self destructive dance that never would have mattered till
i rose and i roared aloud
"The" Man They'd smell just as sweet if you called them "clerbloinkula." Ahahaha! 070710
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