silentbob Pronounced Tan-Yuh, not Ton-Yuh, TAN-Yuh

Dreams and hopes and silly little appreciations
All wasted on this carved piece of stone
Don't mourn the loss of the union you used to be in
you did yourself a favor cutting him off
like an anchor he would have taken you down with him
but he never cared whether you were with him or not.
Never stop applying to popples.
shinya onna Tanya was my best friend in third grade. She had black curly hair and broke her foot when she dropt a microwave on it. 000817
silentbob and how was it pronounced? 000817
shinya onna Ton -Yuh 000817
silentbob GASP!! this is about tan-yuh! not ton-yuh! 000818
shinya onna Hmm.. If you don't tell anyone, I won't 000818
silentbob she gets pissed when you scold yourself for messing up lyrics when you're singing along. she says she doesn't care if you mess it up, you aren't going to hell for it. 001026
god i got a cat named.... uh... not tanya 011103
god cats? anybody seen a cat named tanya? 030716
not tonya (tanya) something about some Sanka and that bird over there. 030717
silentbob she's coming over again tomorroq 040109
what's it to you?
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