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Ouroboros alex_grey 090612
hsg i had a roommate (an amazing artist) who was at an after_party with alex_grey at the chapel_of_sacred_mirrors (cosm.org)
wish_i_were a fly_on_the_wall for that one.

though i can't complain. thanks to about 5 cents of melatonin my dreams allowed me to walk around this alex_grey painting, this enormous corridor with curved floors, walls, and ceiling. now you look at the painting and it's one thing. but golly, this thing was HUGE. roomust've had 200 foot ceilings. totally lucid. i mean i've done lucid_dreaming for years but this was effortless. just clarity. very pretty. incredibly detailed.
no reason they're coming in august, and years ago i would have jumped at the chance to see them (and that's putting it mildly). i'd really like to go, but it's expensive and possibly not essential. 090613
Ouroboros I went to a sound healing event at COSM a couple years ago- lay on the floor while gongs and bowls were being played all around- that and finally seeing the paintings in person (so big, so detailed) was beyond_words - but it was too much for me and afterward on the subway I felt ill I was so high from it all. 090729
hsg i_c an un derstan d overwhelm 090729
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