toni i want to die i hold that nife to my wrist getting ready to cut and you walk in grab me and hold me close i fight you the knife still in my hands then you stop and look at me i see the pain and it hits me its all secondhand suiside you got my escape so i sit there and slit your throat drink yourblood then stab at my heart i stab and stab and stab then for the final blow i slit my throat over your mouth so in the end we become one cuz thats all i ever really wanted 050820
Marble Raceway okay,then.
so who's ready for cupcakes and punch?
black the word cuz just took all the seriousness out of it 050821
one of the blather spell checkers well, that and the spelling mistake at the start.

suicide has a couple more 'c's in it
pobody Cupcakes and punch sound lovely! And how about a side order of punctuation for our page starter?! ;) 050821
what's it to you?
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