re_alisma I found a small algebra gig in Portland, but then I remembered that I always seem to have weird Steiner problems in my psyche every August. Besides that the gig is too small for my family not to feel betrayal and abandonment in a time of need. I, personally, would take my chances monetarily with this one. The first reason is why I must spend more time researching how I feel about the possibility of becoming a Waldorf teacher. The second reason is just the one that benefits by my deciding against it. I had a dream last night that some kids who were doing a "Natural Magic" song and dance caravan thing took all my money, but they mean to pay it back, if all goes well. Probably this is how my dad feels-- I've taken his money and I never come up with reasonable ideas for how to pay it back, or at least make it grow.

Still it would be nice to camp out in Portland for nine months, but not if Steiner smites me from heaven this month. I truly do have a history of getting kind of blasted by him so it's something on which to tread carefully and research further, for career's sake ( not something to forget ). Why can't this be easier?
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