sylphide I asked you to sleep, knowing full-well that in your state of mind we shouldn't have spoken. Well, spoken, yes, about life, no.
It always ends up the same, whenever you and I talk of life and things to come, makes me wonder how the hell i ever promised you that we'd get married one day if we were both crusty aged folk. I know it's harsh, and i'm sorry...but you can't expect me to say things like that, you can't think that in all honesty i will entertain your ideas of lust or romance towards me.
I can't cross that line. Dating your best friend for 2 years isn't a gateway, it isn't reason for me to oblige to your gestures of intimacy.. I can't do that. I love you, for all your worth and for the worth the world is yet to see of you. You know i do.
There's this fundamental feeling behind this ethical believing you're making me sit and say.
I wish we didn't have to end in silence, it's better that we talk in the morning, when the pills have worn off.
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