Dosquatch Shrink from truth as a flower from the burning of the mid day sun - too much of a good thing can scar, or even kill. 040420
doar wrapped. 040420
Amaya Sora Doctor, gives me heebie jeebies. Not sure why. Very parinoid that shrinks are evil. To solve this problem shrink would be needed. Hmmm 050306
anne-girl i was thinking it could be fantastically helpful for me to get help... i mean, i need to sort out some things in my head.... not one of the scary ones which try to associate everything with sexual feelings for your parents, but just someone who i can pay to pour my heart out to, and get all the crap out of my head and all together in a gigantic flood of confusion until i could figure it all out

just someone to listen to me, i guess... to rant to endlessly
silentbob Because the water was as cold as it was, the tip of his penis decided it was time to climb up inside his testes and get warm. 060113
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