syd god Remember when you were young
You shone like the Sun
Shine on, you crazy diamond !
Now there's a look in your eyes
Like black holes in the sky
Shine on, you crazy diamond !
You were caught on the crossfire
Of childhood and stardom
Blown on the steel breeze
Come on, you target for faraway laughter
Come on, you stranger, you legend, you martyr
And shine !

You reached for the secret too soon
You cried for the Moon.
Shine on, you crazy diamond !
Threatened by shadows at night
And exposed in the light
Shine on, you crazy diamond !
Well you wore out your welcome
With random precision
Rode on the steel breeze
Come on, you raver, you seer of visions
Come on, you painter, you piper, you prisoner
And shine
unhinged les_claypool 021007
roger waters shine_on_you_crazy_diamond 021007
mindrazor what happened to the shine?

When that I was and a little tiny boy
With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,
A foolish thing was but a toy,
For the rain it raineth every day.
Nathan88 rowhoether u wanbna replace too 030209
Tay Parker Oh, Pink Floyd... how I love thee. 030209
girl_jane This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. 030627
celestias shadow pink floyd........that, that guy they wrote it for, he- oh never mind *cries* 030723
atom heart birdmad 460106-060707 060711
god blast yr cubicle mates all day with the laughing madcap 060711
oren harvest_moon. 080807
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