misspelled words need blathes too separate 011228
misspelled words need blathes too See blood. 011228
/ane Desired to simplify the languages to a generic base. Origin. Just to seperate them back out. Couldn't master the mechanics of the starting point. Misstep. Mispell. Missed out. 040710
(_) that's how they feel
as the temperature drops below each shin
until toes are frigid
and unmovable stubby things
at the end of flat frozen
slabs of meat pink
turn white with touch
imprint of things stays so long

seperate cold region
feel through a curtain sharp
things on the ground just waiting
to pierce through my soft soles

and then i will feel
nerves come up my body
screams what i can hear of it
come back to life feet
they are me after all
not gray unfelt rock
travelling up weighing down fall

no no no just stay by warmth will
blood to course through veins
rocks could be so much better used
like to help you stay near

so i'll just rub the seperateness into
myself be whole
simone You spelled 'separate' wrong. 061024
what's it to you?
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