amy driven by research 980908
no one special we are scientists! 990325
daxle true scientists are required to be grievously driven to insanity 990430
lost i would love to be a scientist. i would love to search for things that never existed( or at least thought not to) befor i found them. 010604
story of eau speak to me. tell me your ideas. your theories. show me your soul in as many ways as you can. eccentricity encouraged. make me momentarily uncomfortable. i want to see what you see. combine cerebral and spiritual and sensual without pretention. look at my eyes. wear your passion like feathers. be bird-like. have a genuine interest in everything. understand the mind is key to foreplay. touch me softly and fuck me firmly. touch me firmly and fuck me softly. the combination of these things is an endless aphrodisiac. 040512
endless desire I'm bad at being just a scientist.
I ask too many social questions.
Why is everybody squirming?
Aren't we solving these problems for a reason?
politics and science don't mix,
even though
I thought one fed into the other,
like snakes chasing their tails.
you'd think
at a place like this
so coveted
we'd be less afraid of debate.
what's it to you?
who go