fallen to sleep.....to tumble into bed and smell him next to me......and feel her soft breath on my neck.....and rest my head on his chest, lulled by his steady heartbeat.....and to rest my hand on her thigh......
to drift on a safe pillow of dreams
birdmad hunger 010128
silentbob i want YOU
to want ME
teran666 want would be what i feel towards the idea of walking into a church and combusting....if i had to choose 1 death...that would be it... 010201
agitator Go for it Man!
Flame on!
anonymouse all i want is some footie pj's a box of club crackers and Clerks...and everything would be so wonderful 010531
kinkazoid when i was little i never wanted a pony but now i want one. 010612
unhinged my biological functions tugging on me, where was i when you called? such offers make me linger on the past...love, cute, cuddly. such evil words. but somehow cute and cuddly always seem to be adjectives used to describe me. whenever i am awake i am tired. i could sleep for the rest of my life. blood type anyone? 011018
sharkieandgeorge there are many things that i want..
i want to be successful
i want my boyfriend to understand me better
i want to be loved by my family, not shunned
i want to be wanted
i want to feel needed
i want to be something to somebody
i want short hair
i want long hair
i want new shoes
i want to be noticed
i want to be subtle
i want to be less harsh
i want to shut my mouth before..
i want a life
i want to have fun
i want to know where i'm going in life
i want to have a 'once in a lifetime' experience
i want sexy underwear
i want to be intelligent
i want to be looked up to
i want to be alone
i want a quiet place
i want to be a part from everybody else
i want to tell people the way i really feel
i want at least one wallpapered room in my house
i want to sew my own clothes
i want to dress like a hippie
i want to look like i'm from the edwardian period with corsets and all..
i want affection
i want to be physically comforted
i want to make sense
i want to speak at a higher level
i want to sound smart sometimes
i want my boyfriend and i to be married one day
i want to live in a house surrounded by trees
i want to stop doubting myself so much
i want people to give other people a break
i want everybody to bear with each other
i want air conditioning
i want food
i want water
i want fear
i want happiness
i want a carefree life

i want

i want

i want...
DammitJanet I want to see you
I want to feel you
I want to hurt you
Like you hurt me
fucked once too often Rarely is love a single edged bla de.

Love is hurts' mirror,
if you cannot see the pain on the other side,
it is simply because the looking glass is not clear,
distorted images fill the view.

What one may want to see in the mirror,
could already exist there,
but looking glasses are tricky things.
jolie what? You have a gun permit and have never seen star wars?

I have just immortalized a guys not so well thought out words on this website and he'll probably never know. He is sitting behind me right now, but still as I said, will probably never know.
nemo i wanna be sedated 040402
Alvarny I want you.
But I am afraid of wanting...
Spinoza All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare. 050419
tilt you don't really want anything.
once you get it, you'll only want something else.
slothisily i want to die 060115
stareatingrobotmonster i really don't want to die.
i don't know why i wrote that.
i don't know why i do a lot of things.
i think i just want to love and be loved in returned.
how that equates to wanting to die, i'm not so sure.
its not me its you never again will i do something i don't really want to do 071007
up yours ! yeah, Shakespear is shit anyone that reads it or uses it must be a thicko. 071007
anouk so close, sitting just next to me. i could see every movement of his hands, i could hear his breath.

and i thought about this amazing force which stops me simply reaching out, taking what i want.

how it can simultaneously be so so simple for me to touch him, just a slight movement would suffice, and at the same time i would never never do it.

the fear of taking that risk, no matter how strong the desire, is always enough to stop me. to leave me simply holding my breath, closing my eyes, imagining how easy it would be.
no reason it's hard to know what others want
maybe others don't know what they want
maybe they want to know what you want
maybe you want to know that what they want is what you want which is hard if they don't know what they want. what?
unhinged want is close to desire
desire is close to suffering
nr i wonder, if someone wants something so much that they'll do all they possibly can to get it, if they (within reason) ever fail 141012
nr i mean, i guess that's silly. obviously not everyone can have what they want. but if you really pay attention to what's needed to get something, and follow it... i dunno. maybe the better question is, who has the capacity to do that? 141012
nr how do people learn to be happy when they can't get what they want? or do they? 161101
cocoon wants and needs
wants and needs

its hard trying to figure out which is which sometimes.
moonsoon I didn't know how much I would

in love in a way

with that voice

something like the way I used to find myself unable to stop looking at starlight and clouds... needing them, to be burned into memory...

am I scared that's what will happen?


craving a person

unhinged has loosened it's grip on me; the pangs are fewer and farther between 170818
what's it to you?
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