kyla Five ice-skating elephants.
And a truck.
jinx Ouch-I hadn't had one for a really long time until last night. I have one again tonight. It's worse. 020327
uow headaches 040923
mangrove can't blather. head is pounding.
can't work. head is pounding.
can't think. head is pounding.
feel like i'm (head is pounding)
going to die (head is pounding.
can't take drugs (head is pounding)
rules don't let me (pounding, pounding)
guess i'll just (pound pound pounding)
sleep it off (thumping drumming)
tilt blamblamblamblamblamblamblam
it pounds and pounds and pounds
bangabang bang-bang boom.
fuzzy cloudy dull throbbing
my head aches, my eyes flicker, my mouth is dry and my mind is searching
but you're long gone.
i dream of you.
cocoon I hate having them. I suppose I should be happy that they're not too bad, but still. Its never fun when you move and all of a sudden: Wham! There's that pounding in your head. 050401
nom urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 060704
nom yeah 061120
hsg lotsa water helps me. don't get headaches much. 061121
nom a different kind of headache 061219
jane heaving with
headache, today.

my brain,
like a dried plum,
throbbing with desire
to squeeze more juice
from itself

like an addict, whining
for just

& i think of you,
as we drove past
trucks on the highway,
past the boxes
of white chickens,
ignored by the dog.
raze a small flame
burning a deeper hole
behind the right eye
a knot of pain
held in place with a solid rivet
shedding its iron
past coming daily now. once, sometimes twice. but only when i'm there. 130307
raze ((( throbbing ))) 130308
raze another murmur
behind and above the left eye
this time like a fist inside the head
clenched to the point of cramping
raze and another
this time back behind the right eye again
threatening to become something more
never quite getting there
raze back to the left eye. i'm beginning to think my eyes have something against me. 131024
raze and now to the right again
in that half-there space
not getting any better
not getting any worse
not yet making good on the threat
not yet losing its nerve
to the aspirin i will go
raze say threatening again

raze every day now
every day
hope it's just a passing phase
raze if this one had a sound, it would be the humming of two machines aiming for the same pitch but not quite aligning, creating a quiet dissonance that never rises in volume but seems to gather power the longer it's listened to. 140314
epitome of incomprehensibility I feel like my silly mistakes are getting annoying.

Also had a real one of these earlier today. Too much staying in one place and looking at a screen, not enough sleep. Minor but insistent pain surrounding my eyes.
raze hey, you should see some of the typos i've made! on blue i once misspelled the word "unblemished". in the title of a blathe.

some nights i still weep over that one.
raze i'm thinking all it is now is my left eye occasionally throwing a tantrum to remind me it's still there. yes, i know where you are. yes, i realize i use you to see. no, i will not stick my head in the sink and turn so cold water will spray into you, onto you, you you you. i don't know what makes you think that's going to solve anything. see, now you're closed and you can't see anything, and old righty's doing just fine without you. you didn't do that. i did. you see who has the power here? 140714
flowerock as I read about your eye I automatically closed my left eye, then opened it and closes the right eye. I am happy to have both eyes, and that I don't iften get head aches anymore. water and/or sleep, sometimes coffee or tea or dark chocolate and/or cayenne/turmeric help me to feel better. 140714
raze i should try tea next time. i always mean to drink more tea, only to forget i have a cupboard full of it. 140714
flowerock I forgetoo. Even with the green tea, mate, and puer (sp?) ready to be steeped. Coffee feels so much easier to make, even when ysing a french press... which is howI usually make tea as well. 140714
flowerock ah but there is always cofftea as my boyfriend so adorably called it years ago. coffee + tea = cofftea! brewed/steeped together. 140714
unhinged (pu erh
flowerock I rarely get headaches... well I have one one and off today. On a day that I have had almost two gallons of water and have cofftea on hand... had turmeric on my lunch and fishoil thismorning... ah well. I blame noise, tourists, and second_hand_smoke. 140715
raze i think i can chase this latest headache-in-training away with some food. we'll see. maybe if i tell it to go away with my mouth full 140719
raze eight hours of nonstop hammering and music from next door, and the left eye says, "here's what it might feel like if i had thoughts of removing myself from your head." and i say, "you're an eye. you don't have thoughts." and the eye says, "SILENCE! PAIN!" 140916
raze this one is stress-related, but it's not so bad, and the stress that made it was short-lived, so it should be leaving now. you hear that, headache? don't let an eyelid hit you on your way out. 141120
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