moonshine Blood may be thicker then water, but water is pure. 010219
moocow that's for sure.. 020712
josie couldn't be more right.. 020716
testimonial evolution ohana means family. and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. 020717
mon uow of us, everyone, distantly 050322
nom i was jealous of the siblings i was convinced i had but didn't have 070202
unhinged sweet insanity
why i
my brother
my cousins
live so far away
pilgrim We speak of Brotherly Love
We knew each other so well
That pushing each others buttons
Came most easilly to us all
Fought each other for our own
Selfish entertainment
In a World where All Men Are Brothers
Is it any wonder
We are in the shape We're in
log burning fire What draws me to family... if I were a psychiatrist, I'd say an enormous amount of unresolved personal material. If I were an anthropologist, I'd say families are at the root of social structures—they shape our identity, our belief systems—and so I find them fascinating. Also, I love the idea that families have narratives that are essentially the family story that is passed along generation to generation—and the rifts start when people question the story. 121114
no reason my mother said she was excited to have the whole family together for the holidays, but now that she's here, she's done nothing but complain and pick fights with my dad (about ridiculous things like how dim the light should be in a room) and other such negativity. i addressed and she said she was stressed from moving my brother. but it doesn't seem to me like a natural response to stress. she's acting like a child.

there are many worries associated with the behaviour, and i can't stress how much i think she could use therapy, but she would likely think it's unnecessary. i should get my brother to suggest it to her; she listens to him.

i wonder sometimes how people tolerate their families (as in how they actually do, not how they can).
thats *i addressed IT* 121227
no reason it just seems like it used to be so much easier to have fun together 121227
nr i think maybe when you don't get what you want or need with family, it's the hardest to deal with. it's kind of an odd concept; being expected to live a full life with people you didn't choose. 150405
nr i guess i talk about this a lot. family issues intrigue me. i'm done wishing for things i can't have, but some things i do have still bother me.

i am extremely thankful to have a few family-like friends, though, which i guess gets more typical as you get older.
nr people say things like, "family is important to [said person]." which i don't really understand as a general statement. why should someone be important to you just because you're related to them? if you have familiy members you get along with, great. if you don't, you should feel obligation to get together with them.

it's a weird kind of tradition; to be expected to hang around people who don't understand you and vice versa. do people actually enjoy it, or is it just ingrained in them?
still blame red wine that should've said: 'if you have family members you get along with, great. if you don't, you shouldn't feel obligation to get together with them.' 151215
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