Aaron my beloved, the woman i want to mary. i gave her my heart and she gave it away. she is with him. i still love her. and i know she loves me. she's one of my angel's. if she were to walk back in this door at this very second after all the hurt she has caused me i'd still take her back. she's still my better half. we are so much bound together. we are part of one-another. we are tied to each other for all time and she knows this. i'd die for her. 000815
silentbob That's really sweet, Aaron
honestly it is

just don't let her know this at 4 in the morning when you're on all night benders of ben_and_jerry ice cream muttering sweet nothings of jealous thought meanderings.
and don't let her know this when you're standing outside her window, ducking from the police, after they've been looking for you all night.

I just see that as a possible bad thing.

somethin to think about
what's it to you?
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