paste! The good thief has his dream songs
but they are far away from
his book of nightmares. The bedbug
glares at him. He is in debt
but the world doesn't end.
This is mysticism for beginners.
sixteen whenever I hit "go"

I get something originally posted by Paste!

like this.

I wish you'd call. I wish i wasnt such a bitch. When I was high this morning, deep in thought, i realizedI am my mom. somehow it all makes sense in my mind, even if we fight so often. It all seems justified. Anyway. at least its nowhere near as bad as my moms stupid situation/choices. Just me. My fault
User24 yeah, I get that too.. 030928
grendel i open the door and people rearrange the furniture in my head while i'm out of it 030929
tortuous pieces of confetti
scattered on the floor
maybe its time i
taped them back together
i hope i remember
how the mosaic looked
what's it to you?
who go