hoodrat dog of prairie
dog? i'm not so sure
pet? certainly not

never trust a prairie dog, even if it is supposedly "tame". the certain dog i am speaking of resides in a cage placed in a house that happens to be built in tampa florida. Going by the name of Kujo (almost think that he knew of the story), this beast immediately took a disliking to me. now it is known by many that wild animals do not quickly forget their instinctual habits that have been ingrained into their genes for thousands of years. this animal was no exception. the male prairie dog's instinctual meaning of life is to protect his family (a trait that many human males do not share). kujo, having no real prairie dog family of his own, decidedly adopted his human captors as family. protecting those known by smell. i apparently smell nothing like that family.

picturesque setting
house guest chased from couch to couch by rabid prairie dog

family in tampa = laughing, enjoying life, happy
guest = afraid, disturbed, ready to drop kick that little chattering bastard

maybe sometime i'll tell you about their parrot
i apparently smell nothing like that family.
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