Mahayana your nose hair is [pleasingly twisted] with the roots of a bristlecone pine that is so precariously perched on the side of a [cliff]

[pleasingly twisted][cliff]

[it may easily uproot and fall upon the Republican lobbyists below]
Strideo twsitedly_pleasing
whitechocolatewalrus everything about you is, and I fail to see the reason why I should like the twistedness. 031204
a thimble in time Letter To A Stalking Lover:

. . . Socio-Pathetic. . .
I can say nice things
I can say mean things,
but I almost always say true things
. .Which do prefer?

You can read every email,
pear through a looking glass of love
or remorse,
do as you wish but do it justly.
I sin I error I live I love.
Take it all.
Itís mine to give;
Itís everyoneís to take. . .

If you want the knowledge you seek look within.
Stealing? Cheating? Lying?
What for?
On the inside a precious panther stalking the night.
I see it I shiver.

The thermostat is turned to eighty,
But itís your heart that warms my mind.

Abandon your dark coat,
Paint the world around you,
Be mine.
what's it to you?
who go