~gez~ if you post a reply to this your a freak. love gez xxx 020821
god reply. abandon the creeping meatball 020822
~gez~ i love meatballs. once one crept into my boxer shorts and made a little rest. now i have three... should i have said that? 020823
She I know a guy that truly has three balls. 020824
god ball of wax tadpole 020824
~gez~ is he particularly better at anything? 021009
She Not particularly, but believe it or not, he uses them as a conversation starter.

Hey, I have three balls.
-Shutup dude. You do not.
No really, Look!

That's the part where he whips them out for all to see.
peeholeswab yes I'm a freak
thank you.

speaking of freak,
I'd like to share the random
fact that I sure do feel sexy today.
not sure why.
maybe because I rode a motorcycle today

whatever, it's a shame, and it makes me wish I was bi-sexual. all the gay boys I know seem to have no trouble getting some action, and I'm getting zilcho, sexy or not.

ah, well.
skinny yeah man you gotta have a peehole or u aint got no buisness' 030915
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