lenore my friend! and my exboyfriends friend. he tells me i could do much better.
Shinequwa Payton Parties Rock
I'm as cool as Spock
Payton makes yummy pies
As long as it doesn't go to the flys
Payton restores holiday spirits
Just ask him and he will cure it
Payton wants a pic of michele so he can go yum
But hes not as bad as his friend Paul, who is scum. :)
Payton Hey kids im a reject with low self-esteem. Me, getting a girlfriend? Its only a dream. What can i say nice guys finish last. Would it work better if i was more of an ass? I tell ya kids I really need a four leaf clover. Cus by the time I a Gf, candy will rain, and hell will have frozen over! 031228
nikoto_shijasu in the meantime, have fun!

all by yourself (i hear it is possible).
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