:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Observe the truth
and the lies will be powerless.

Turn on the light
and you won't stumble in the dark.

Breathe in the wisdom
and you won't suffocate on your mistakes.

Give it away
and you will have room to recieve more.
unhinged yes

i have choosen for too long to walk around blind.
Dafremen There you are bEe! I was wondreing if you were still buzzing around spreading good intentions... 010824
TalviFatin Watch my eyes as they speak
to your soul.

Listen and be still
as I tell you my tale.

Never say never
when you're with me.

Because you never can tell
when I'm jumpin the rail.

So silence is prefered
when the night blankets the sky.

They keys in your pocket
jingle with your gait.

I didnt know what to expect
when i re-met you.

So lay down and shut-up.
Observe the truth.
endless desire easier said than done 040123
lick watch it very closely, see how it mates only with the brightest coloured male. its a solitary creature and extinct in europe.

yes observe it very closely, but at a distance with binoculars and a high powered rifle.
Chris aka which really means observe everything. 061014
the girl in the corner (except the lies)

or is accept

what's it to you?
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