MLK growing growing growing
but never going
white_wave isnt from a cow got mlk? 040329
MLK goodbye blather
goodbye bees
hello weather
hello trees

sing to the birds
sing to he flees
cry to the heavens
cry to the seas

bow to the monkey
bow to the calf
kneel to the donkey
kneel to the giraffe

Live with turtles
Live with mice
Die with myrtles
Die with lice

Dance on the winds
Dance on the streets
Run with the elephant
Run with the leech

goodbye blather
goodbye bees
hello weather
hello trees
To the future He was trying to bring about harmonious relations within the human race. When I think about how someone shot him, I get real angry. 100118
. ds _ bdy gd. 100119
amy in blue he pointed the way down aztec lane brokenhearted over a gemini in truth
hopping (hoping?) to an ectopic universe.

we should all be on our knees to martin the change he gives us can indeed nestle deep in the organ - why not a chakra? - of cora. if you are my friend, will i keep the change if you tell me to? hmm. you know i don't actually have children....
amy in red hello weather hello trees 150417
what's it to you?
who go