MollyGoLightly who if not you, huh? who? 000802
Brad this word means a lot. It means Phineas Newborn, Jr., Fred Ford, Frank Strozier. It means Donald Brown, James Williams, George Coleman. it means Marvin Stamm, Mulgrew Miller, Harold Mabern, Tony Reedus, Charles Thomas. It means Elvis. It means Jerry Lee Lewis. It means Martin Luther King Jr. It means Stax Records, Al Green. No, and we can't forget B.B. King. It means soul. It means stifled growth and hard times. It means ghettoes and project housing, it means Germantown and bourgoise palaces. Art-throbs, hippies, and plenty of people you could do without. And Prince Mongo. Most of all, though, it means culture. And for me, it means home. 000802
MollyGoLightly this is daniel dean the pumpkin king's new home. i wish him the best.

he is memphis-bound.

and i am single.

The Schleiffen Man daniel dean cometh not to play in the house of the hatties-burp? pray tell dear molly.... 000806
abraham lincoln i know this girl in memphis...she really sucks. She played my ass like a fiddle. 010801
justasomebody The walls of Memphis yell its praises to both Jesus and Elvis 050830
unhinged and jeff_buckley

he drowned in memphis; they say it was an accident, but the more i read, the more i think otherwise. hope is the most dangerous drug of all....they tore down the bar he played his last shows in in memphis. they have a plaque near the river where they pulled him out. i want to make a pilgrimmage there someday.
nom) egypt 050902
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