psyki so i went out drinking tonight.

a lot.

all by myself. alone. wrote, careless.

i have a coffee date with my ex-girlfriend tomorrow morning. my ex-girlfriend, who i wish i'd never fallen in love with in the first place.

i've got some things to say to her. she probably won't be too happy when she hears them.

but that's ok.

because i just don't care anymore.

because she made me forget about all the things i loved about being by myself.

because i'm so much better on my own.
hark the herald today 061229
. i really loathe the feeling of pervasive meaninglessness. i think i hate nihilism and surely resent its long-ago introduction into my life. oh meaningfulness, please come home to stay 070403
jane nausea by jean_paul_sartre 070404
amy sometimes, it's the hormones. if i'm not really really hungry, everything must be quite wrong about something or another. 080627
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