plumbrook there cannot be more than divergence from will never be more than delayed.while it stays like this.timenomatterhowuglyoroverrused will run out soon.we all know that when the snake swallows its tail as a gesture of infinity, it can only serve as its own predator for so long.(no more buzzfly blubber).well,parcelling out souls has gotten me squeamish lately.well, look at the same graduations of infanticide against the stillborn anti-mannequins in their armies, though missing maps and weaponry.there won't be a moment in the lull of death donged rows to melt the plastics back into something human.the comact cacauphony and purplish red backlit microscopic cell movement comes in swarming squads of miniscule plague carriers of what was supposed to be life, and flew through too many layers of unfeeling to matter anymore. 030301
plumbrook at least i think that's what happened. i might have been knocked on the head or breathing poisonous gas at some point, because things looked fuzzy and i heard singing in my ears. or maybe it was frogs chirping. 030301
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